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Recorded in November of 2016.


released December 9, 2016

Recorded by Zachary Rippy.



all rights reserved


GIRLBLOOD Phoenix, Arizona

2 desert rats

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Track Name: Murder; Scene Won
We walk with different steps
You're at a poor mans pace
& I've grown sick of the sight
of your unforgiven debts

I'm never coming back

We are expendable

Keep down your tired tone
I've seen better moves from a dead man
You're banished to the dark
A legacy built in flames

I'm never coming back

You're nothing but a machine
Track Name: I Buy Quads Now
Captain, captain I think we're sinking
Why couldn't you stay on course?
panic, panic
waters rising

It's everyman for himself

& I saw everything I loved
crack and crumble before me
when there is nothing left
you'll realize you had it all wrong

it's so cold in april
ice slice my skin like a knife
like a thousand blades in my side
i had it all wrong

when theres nothing left
you'll realize you were all wrong
Track Name: Grass & Trees & Shit ( Earth )
Doctors with the morphine drips
wish those kids never did exist
with their check fraud-sketchy schemes, little fits

Another friend, wasted again..

Bacteria ate her skin

Track marks lead straight to your room
where you are melting down pills
for your collapsing veins
so you can fall asleep at the wheel

the needle did her in

the bacteria ate her skin
Track Name: Business, Man
5 or 6 years wasn't enough
contact me passive agressive af
you're a stupid fuckin cunt
you have a bf don't be a slut

me and jo
we all know
Track Name: I Set Her On Fire
the devil is breaking his contract
your soul isn't worth it
you might be able to trick all the empty but I
have not got the patience
to go against science
what are you thinking
don't feed all the hungry, just line the pockets of the ones who're the sickest

at the end of the rope is where you'll find me
hopefully swinging, not breathing

she said I needed medication

so I set her on fire

her father won't find her

Because I set her on fire
Track Name: I'd Bury You In The Desert, But It's Too Fuckin' Hot Outside
I wanna hit you right in your mouth
cut my knuckles up, make you spit blood
protect and serve, you're a waste of space
if i get you alone, i'll put a gun down your throat

the liquid taste of brilliance is fire on my tongue
& all your dirty words, is devil speak

bring you out to the desert
break both your legs
hand you over the shovel
make you dig your own grave

where's your god now
is your family safe?
Track Name: Bill Nye & the Gargoyle Squad (from Wisconsin)
we're the same blood
so why would you let him speak that way to her
Insecurities come out when you speak
you're so weak

trade all your money
turn in your gold
this isn't a movie
love can't be purchased
you're making mistakes
they're incredibly cruicial

look at me with those dead eyes again
wipe that look off your face

put me in a coma
wake me in the future
show me a good time
scratch out my eyes